We have worked with Lemon Computing for many years, and have always recieved a courteous, professional and high end level of service and delivery. The team are always on hand to address any inquiries or issues, as well as to communicate any new developments or offerings in the IT space.   

Michael Williams Associates

Lemons' suggestion to move us from Microsoft Exchange to Google was fantastic. Lemon Computing have saved us time and money!

Capital Prestige

The Lemon Computing Team is vital to our business functionality. The experience, quick response and the innovative solutions they bring to the table are priceless.

My Family Care

Lemon Computing managed to slash our phone bills, make our phone systems far more streamlined and reliable and so give a much more professional image to our customers! We are very happy indeed.

Winkworth Estate Agents

The migration to SugarCRM was excellent! What could have been a frustrating and risky project went extremely smoothly, in time, and within budget.

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Easy does it

Lemon Computing provides a simple, clear, easy to understand turn-key IT product for businesses devoid of technical jargon and mumbo-jumbo. Our team of nerds deals with the techie stuff, allowing you to just get on with your work without having to worry about your IT. We provide everything you need to run, manage and maintain a healthy network, and it is all included in our monthly subscription fee, and all you need to bring are your existing or new pc’s and software like Office, Outlook, and your line of business applications. We will not ask you to make decisions on technical issues – that’s our job, and we make sure we will put the tools, systems and the technology in place to keep everything running. When it breaks, the risk and cost of fixing it are on us, not you, so it is in our best interest to make sure your stuff runs as smoothly as possible. Other IT firms typically tell you all about the bits and bobs you must buy and then will charge you a hefty service fee to fix it when it breaks – unlike them, we have a real stake in our decisions, with real consequences for us when it goes wrong.

Always on Cloud Nine

Our product heavily utilises the “Cloud” – a.k.a. the Internet. This cloud that everybody keeps talking about is business as usual, and has been around practically since the time some kids attached a long piece of string to two empty cans. All this cloud stuff is mightily handy, especially as it allows us to do some very nifty things with storing and backing up your files. As you create and save new files, we back them up right away, and if you make a mistake, such as saving a wrong version, we can recall all previous versions of these files for you, either 90 days back or the last 100 versions, whatever comes first. We run a very sophisticated management system that keeps an extremely detailed track of the state of all your machines. We constantly monitor for changes, and work proactively to make sure that your systems stay running. All this is to make your life as easy as possible, with as few issues as possible. In this day and age, Internet Access is critical, for you, as well as for us, so we make sure our systems are always on, and always connected. With that in mind, we take special technical measures to ensure your continued connectivity.

Quick on the draw

Our management and monitoring system is very chatty, and just loves to let us know about the goings on of the systems we look after. We typically get notifications about systems that suddenly have to work very hard, that use a lot of memory, when disks are running out of space or using loads of Internet bandwidth, and we use all this information to paint ourselves a picture of how any given client works, and ultimately, allow us to spot problems before they occur. For example, it is fairly typical for us to come around on a site visit to replace a harddisk that is soon to fail – which is much better then coming around to fix something after it is broken, when there will be a lot more disruption and wasted time. For example, our system was instrumental in letting a client know that they were being used (by a member of staff) as a file-sharing hub for a large section of Eastern Europe the day we implemented our systems, solving a long running, pesky “The Internet is so slow” problem they battled with for many months before they joined us, and avoiding pesky legal issues.

Always on your side

We are open, upfront, and transparent about our pricing and about what we can and cannot do for you. We strongly believe in developing long-term trust based working relationships with our clients. Unlike practically every other IT firm out there, we profit when you have a smoothly running system without any problems, and we start to lose money as soon as problems come up. Too many IT firms profit from badly running (and badly-run) systems and we passionately believe that this has to change. We put our money where our mouth is, and fully assume the risk of all those areas that are under our control. We believe this keeps everybody honest, and allows us to act as a true, trusted IT advisor. Having been around for 13 years, with many loyal, long term clients, we know we are doing something very right.