The migration to SugarCRM was excellent! What could have been a frustrating and risky project went extremely smoothly, in time, and within budget.


We have been so impressed with our move to Google Apps and the effort put in by Lemon Computing. The migration was painless and now we have a robust system which does not come at the same price tag as Microsoft Exchange.

Winkworth Estate Agents

We have worked with Lemon Computing for many years, and have always recieved a courteous, professional and high end level of service and delivery. The team are always on hand to address any inquiries or issues, as well as to communicate any new developments or offerings in the IT space.   

Michael Williams Associates

Lemon Computing Ltd. migrated us from Exchange to Google apps seamlessly, and we could not be happier.

Forward Wholesale

The Lemon Computing Team is vital to our business functionality. The experience, quick response and the innovative solutions they bring to the table are priceless.

My Family Care

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Information about your Company
In this section we ask you a few simple questions about your company - how many users / pc's you have, how many office locations, and so on.
Please let us know how many users and/or PC's you have, or are planning to purchase.
From how many separate office locations does your company operate? Do not include remote home working locations - these are seen as "remote access" locations.
We make a distinction between people that require access to just your company files, or those that require full access to your network. Most people only require only access to company files.
How many users require full access to the network. This is typically only used in order to gain full access to server-based applications that run inside your office only. Email can usually be accessed from everywhere, regardless of remote access.
About your Software and Systems
In this section we collect some basic information about the software and systems that you use.
We strongly suggest users to use Windows 7. Windows 7 is a better, faster, and more system, and Windows XP is no longer seeing support from Microsoft. However, many people have Windows XP and are not ready to move for various reasons. We need to know how many users will remain on Windows XP in order to make up a quote for you.
Office 2010 and later are significantly better products over Office 2007, and if you are upgrading your PC's at the same time, then upgrading Office 2007 is very likely. Please let us know if you have any users that will remain using Office 2007. If you are not sure about what version of Office you use, within any Office application, you can click "help" and then select "about".
Does your company use Microsoft Outlook, and if so, how many users are on Outlook?
Please let us know about any other major applications that you use. An example of applications to include are accounting packages, or line-of-business packages - anything you need to actually get your job done.