Lemon Computing Ltd. migrated us from Exchange to Google apps seamlessly, and we could not be happier.

Forward Wholesale

The migration to SugarCRM was excellent! What could have been a frustrating and risky project went extremely smoothly, in time, and within budget.


The Lemon Computing Team is vital to our business functionality. The experience, quick response and the innovative solutions they bring to the table are priceless.

My Family Care

Lemon Computing managed to slash our phone bills, make our phone systems far more streamlined and reliable and so give a much more professional image to our customers! We are very happy indeed.

Winkworth Estate Agents

Lemon Computing is a pleasure to deal with. Their IT knowledge, and determination to offer the best possible service is astounding. We have been working with Lemon for 7 years and recommend them highly.


Turn-Key, No Hassle Technology

Lemon Computing is a full-service Technology Support Provider with a twist. We provide clients with a risk-free, low-cost IT service within a predictable and transparent pricing framework. Our mission is to provide companies between 5 and 100 users with the same economies of scale, systems, processes and methodologies used by very large companies. Unlike many other firms in our field, we put our money where our mouth is, and assume the financial risk of running your technology systems. We stand by the systems we deploy in the field, and should things go wrong it is our clock that starts ticking, not yours.

We provide advice and support in a no-nonsense, easy to understand manner, and take care of the nuts and bolts of your systems without asking you to become a computer expert overnight. Our contracts are clear, written in plain, non technical English, and clearly and unambiguously explain what we are responsible for.

Backed by 20 years’ experience delivering desktop solutions to large enterprise clients we can offer you a unique package where we guarantee smooth running of your network. We are so confident about our systems reliability and its setup that we include all support and maintenance. The cost is bundled into a flat monthly fee based on a fixed price per workstation.

Using our solution, your organisation can benefit from a stress free IT environment which is being managed by IT experts and free up your time and your staff to concentrate on maximising your organisation profits. We are committed to working closely with you to ensure that you receive the best service and are happy with the quick and responsive support you receive.

Our monthly desktop support ensures that your systems are always working at their best. Using a collection of best-of-breed software, we ensure that your systems are working correctly and the remote support receive is quick and responsive. Our solution gives our customers the following benefits:

  • SAVES our customers time and money – we look after the network so that you can concentrate on your business
  • INCREASED speed in resolving IT issues - Fast, reliable and responsive proactive network monitoring
  • INCREASED staff productivity
  • Significantly REDUCES the amount of time software upgrades take to roll out across the whole system
  • GAINS the trust that all software on the network is controlled and maintained
  • REDUCES the burden on existing staff to ensure the network is properly maintained and security updates kept up to date

All of our support is carried out remotely and we strive to keep user disruption to a minimum when an issue arises. The tools we use for desktop support work in such a way that we can fix 99% of user issues without interrupting your work. We also provide software deployment services so that software and upgrades are easy to deploy. Deployments happen seamlessly to users therefore disruption is kept to the absolute minimum.

Included in our desktop support package are the following features:

  • 4hr response time
  • Software upgrades are effortless and easy to manage
  • Hardware & software inventory is automatically recorded
  • Our engineers can fix most user issues without interruption
  • All servers and workstations are protected with anti-virus software
  • 250GB cloud storage for data

All our maintenance and support for your users is done remotely. We implement our own CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) which will connect your network to our backend infrastructure. The advantage is that we are able to implement tried and tested network policies to protect your systems. Our network uses the latest Windows Server 2012 and works best with Windows 7 or 10 desktop operating systems.